To the finest certified coffee.

Early on we learned how hard people must work to bring great coffee to market. It was easy to notice the commitment growers and processors had to the coffee they grew; from stewardship of the land, growing healthy trees and hand picking ripe cherries to drying, sorting, and bagging the jewels later roasted and enjoyed by growing populations around the globe. With so much dedication to the crop and demand for coffee increasing we had trouble understanding why so many remained in poverty while many in the coffee business seem to make nothing but money.

As we studied deeper we discovered the world of commodity coffee and the typical coffee business. Growers would bring their crop to market and sell to brokers for pennies a pound, sometimes slightly more. The coffee could change hands a few times before finally making it to the processors who would dry, grade and package the beans for sale to the highest bidder. At the time of this edit green commodity coffee is trading on Wall Street for a little over $1.15 a pound. By the time coffee gets to “Wall Street” it has passed through many hands…each taking their cut. Many growers and harvesting families make only pennies a pound.

Some great coffee companies have established multi-year contracts with growers at prices higher than brokers would pay and that has helped increase revenue for some. They are the exception and not the rule for the majority of coffee businesses in the United States.

Jungle Cat Coffee is committed to doing more. As a debt free company our goal is to do more than maximize profit at the expense of others. We are committed to bringing you the finest certified coffee available in ways that improve the quality of life for producers, their families and the communities of people who live their lives in and around the work of coffee. We work with the world’s finest coffee importers to bring in coffee certified by agencies such as Smithsonian, Rain Forest Alliance, Fair Trade, and the USDA. This results in a slightly higher cost to us as higher prices are paid to growers and processors for the good work they do! Our low overhead allows us to absorb these premiums and keep our prices are in line with competitors selling commodity coffee. We do this in partnership with the finest coffee importers in the United States who work directly with growers. Our importers share the same ethical business practices we do. Why should we fly the globe and add cost when others are already there? This saves additional cost and helps us keep our prices low.

Each coffee is sample roasted to various profiles then cupped to determine which profile brings out the best coffee experience. We then small batch (up to 12 pounds), craft roast to the selected profile every Friday on our PRIMO infrared roaster. Our roaster perfected his art over the years after initially studying under an international coffee expert in MIll Valley, CA. The results are great coffees mailed out every Monday.

Our mission is simple: To Give. To provide the world-wide coffee community with the finest craft-roasted specialty coffees while improving lives and the environment in regions where your coffees are grown and processed. As a for-profit company we are continuing to expand our business while supporting others through many random acts of kindness.

“We give because were selfish; we like the way it makes us feel.™”

We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service, and in the products we sell. We are currently adding additional products to the site so check back for brewers and other coffee related items. Thanks for joining with us!



Naranjo-Alajulea, Costa Rica.

Located in Naranjo-Alajulea, Costa Rica, Hacienda Miramonte Estate is Rain Forest Alliance certified.  This coffee has a sweet cocoa and citrus, high acidity, full body.  Honeyed and sundried, washed micro-lot.


About this coffee.
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet cocoa and citrus taste. Rich, smooth, balanced flavor. High acidity adds layers to it’s full body.
  • Roast Notes: Medium Roast
  • Processing: Honeyed and sundried, washed micro-lot
  • Origin: Costa Rica
  • Type: Whole Bean
  • Caffeinated Coffee